‘e-Assessment for Learning’ Influencer Peer Awards #rsclol

The JISC RSC Scotland ‘e-Assessment for Learning’ online course is finishing today. The course has been designed to promote discussion, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge around assessment. It has a particular focus on technology enhanced, formative assessment and how assessment practices can be used to support the development of lifelong learning skills.

In order to recognise the significant contributions by some in the course, to the learning of others, we decided to create categories of award for the course: Participant, Completer and Influencer. The Influencer award is peer awarded and we asked the participants to vote for someone they felt really contributed to their experience of the course, specifically asking them to focus on someone who:

  • Contributed significantly to discussion
  • Provided reflections and/or links and/or additional information pertinent to the course subject
  • Enhanced my course experience through their contributions
Well done to Mary-Ann, Roberta and Susan for receiving votes from at least 3 peers to gain the Influencer award but also to everyone who participated in the course – the discussion and sharing of practice was inspiring and I and the other facilitator, Celeste McLaughlin, really enjoyed learning and sharing ideas with everyone involved. 

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