JISC RSC Scotland #openbadges exploration session by Doug Belshaw and Tim Riches #iDragon

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On Friday 8th June the JISC RSC Scotland held it’s annual conference, Here Be Dragons! The day featured a range of presentations and sessions exploring the frontiers of technology and education.

Open badges exploration session

I was personally delighted to facilitate a session with Doug Belshaw and Tim Riches on open badges - Moving into unchartered waters: are open badges the future of skills accreditation? Doug, who was a marker for the DML Badges for Lifelong Learning competition, and who is soon to join the Mozilla Foundation as lead on open badges and skills, gave an overview of the concept and implications of open badges. Tim Riches, CEO from DigitalMe, whose Supporter to Reporter programme was one of the winners of the DML competition, then gave an insight into a practical implementation of open badges.

You can see a video of Doug and Tim’s session from our video highlights of the conference (this link will be available until about the 8th July). #openbadges got the most mentions on twitter throughout the conference so it seems the session prompted a lot of thought and interest. You can access Doug’s presentation below and Tim’s presentation is available on Prezi.

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